SenseQ enables the hidden potential of your connected industrial equipment through a powerful Web dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Unify your equipment and sensor data from one or multiple facilities to improve decision-making

Discover actionable insights through clear visualizations and custom notifications

Transform your existing equipment and sensor data into an inventory service – quickly and easily

Track performance, customize thresholds and set alerts – all from one simple Web interface

Scale painlessly thanks to SenseQ’s serverless, event-driven architecture

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SenseQ’s gateway and logic engine seamlessly and securely bridge the gaps between clients’ equipment, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and equipment owners. Thanks to SenseQ, our clients can uncover actionable business insights from anywhere at any time using an intuitive dashboard on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and receive customizable alerts delivered in the dashboard, via email or SMS. With SenseQ, you’ll have all the critical information you could get from the factory floor without needing to be there.

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SenseQ is a serverless architecture, which allows our clients to scale up their operations without needing to scale up their server hardware, software, dedicated connections, and administration. Operating without on-site servers, dedicated data lines, and in-house server administrators will allow our clients to match their customers’ needs easier and quicker than ever before.

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The SenseQ gateway and logic engine are hosted by AWS, the most reliable cloud services provider in the world. IoT Systems, Inc. is a certified Advanced Technology Partner with AWS, guaranteeing that our clients’ systems are supported by cutting edge technology, expert design, and unparalleled monitoring from both IoT Systems and AWS.

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Systems integration can be expensive and time-consuming for all parties. By basing SenseQ on SensorThings, an open source API that converts diverse data formats from diverse devices to the MQTT open standard embraced by the IIoT industry, and using the latest in open source cryptography, SenseQ works natively, securely, and with less customization on more IIoT equipment than our competitors’ solutions, minimizing costs and delays for our clients and ourselves.

Run Device Code Without Thinking About Servers
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